Corset Handbag (for sale)

FOR!Collapse ) Email me at and/or leave a comment. ($40, *free shipping)
... will soon be on Ebay ...
Product Info:
Previously a large, plain black Liz Claibourne purse. Three pockets altogether on outside, one a perfect cell phone pocket. Inside is VERY roomy, divided into two sections by a third zip up section, (doesn't zip, pull-tab's broken off). Plenty of pockets inside as well, "hidden pocket", card pockets, pen holders, etc. Black with mostly light pink accents/trim. $40, *free shipping.
*(unless outside the United States)
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Selling more Handmade charm necklaces!!! Today I have a SKULL CROSSBONES HEART,A NEON PINK ZEBRA HEART, SYRINGE, NEON GREEN GUN, POPART HEART, and a LEOPARD HOT PINK RAZORBLADE. Each comes with a necklace and there $16 plus shipping. I accept paypal etc.

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Hi! *waves* my name is Elysha but most of my friends call me Cesi, and I'm from Cali...born and raised..woop woop..yeah I'm a senior at MHS..and I am in band,colorguard, theatre, swim, water polo, and a couple other clubs at school. I am extremely passionate about women's rights, and feminist movements...I'm a total loser..but its okay..erm..I am in a sickingly cute long term relationship with my loving boyfriend David...8 months...and I'm enjoying every minute of it...yeah ..I can't think of anything else to say I hope I'm up to expectation
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An Introduction According to Theme!

(All words in the Speaking Meme theme are in italics *grins*)

Hello all! *curtseys* I'm Eliyonne Ivy, a loli-chan for about nearly a year now. I just adore dressing in dollie clothes with all that dark lace looking oh-so lovely. I can't whistle. Blue is my third most favorite color. Green tops my list *grins* My loli-chan skirt has a garter. Actually, that last post was nothing. Just a random giggle to make use of the theme.

Anyway, lemme start getting slightly more serious now... Most people say I cry too easily and when I do, it sometimes gets even easier to make me smile again. Today was pretty sunny... Actually, it was blistering hot, so I came home tired.

Well then! That's it for the theme-based introduction! Let me start with my resume-style bio:

The basics:
Pseudonym: Eliyonne Ichigo Ivy
Age: 14 going on 15
DOB: 8/24/89
Location: Philippines

Things I do:
Style of Dressing: Gosu-Rori, some Punk-Rori, Elegant Aristocrat
Style of Art: Digital, Surreal, Abstract
Style of Music: Opera... 'Nuff said.
Hobbies: Reading, singing opera, sketching, making clothes for my KiSS doll beta.

Music I enjoy:
Solo Artists: Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Maria Callas, Sissel, Isgaard, KLAHA!!
Bands/Music Groups: Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer, Kagrra, The Late Isabel (local), Metallica, Gregorian monks, The Vienna Boys Choir (lol!), Siouxie And The Banshees
Music Genres: Opera, Classic Rock, Post-punk, Visual Kei, Classical, New Age

Well then, that's all for now! If you'd like to see me dolled up, perhaps you'd like to see these photos here *grins* Enjoy~

♥ Eliyonne Ivy
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Community News: Another Theme Today!

Tam tuttle tuttle tuttle tam!

Yes, it's another theme.
Yes, I'd like you to make an entry! :)
It's a rather easy assignment that anyone can do, I promise. You have a list of words (lace, dark, whistle, dollie, blue, lovely, sunny, garter, tired, cry, smile, giggle). Your task is to use all of these words in a post. The post can take any form (story, poem, essay, random chatter, the ilk), and I only ask that these not be the ONLY words you use. (If you do a poem, for instance, rearranging the words isn't quite using them well, now is it?)
Keep in mind that a couple of these words can be nouns OR verbs. ;)

Love you all,
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