Poison and Pancakes

Sweetly toxic, adorable to the last drop!

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Poison & Pancakes

The community for
colorful girls across the world.

If you have a flair for colory,
monotoned, gothic loli, fruits, rave, blinkie, fairy, glittery, lacy, pretty,
girly, fun, and sweet fashion,

we think you'll fit right


As soon as you join, we welcome you to
make a post about yourself, telling a little bit about you and your personal
style, where you are in the world, and why you joined Poison &
Pancakes.   Feel free to post pictures of yourself behind a LJ-cut,
particularly of yourself in your cutest duds.

As soon as you've done that, we invite
you to jump in our weekly (or so) theme posts, which will be added here and
within the community journal.  We encourage you to participate in every
last theme, as participation is key to having fun with us! :D

At any time, feel free to post
questions, pictures, ideas, thought, rants, or mumblings.  We're all about

Other than

Here's     the     
theme   !!!